Asset Management

The Asset Management solution manages the entire lifecyle of Enterprise Assets, starting from the procurement phase up to when they are retired or disposed, including all related entities, activities and events (e.g.: maintenance or leasing contracts, assignment, relocations, stock and warehouse management, etc.)
The target Customer is a Company that wants to be in control of the entire portfolio of the technological assets installed, from a technological as well as an administrative and financial perspective.


Our Asset Management solution let you reply to typical questions, as:
•    How many assets do I have?
•    How they are configured?
•    Where they are and who are they assigned to?
•    Is the warranty still active? Do they have an associated maintenance contract?
•    Are they obsolete and should be replaced?
•    Are the Software Licenses I have purchased enough to support my business? Are they underutilized?


Our platform allows you to:
•    Record and track all portfolio of installed IT assets
•    Manage all movimentation activities (IMAC: Install Move Add and Change)
•    Manage contracts associated with the assets (maintenance, leasing, etc.).
•    Know the asset configuration
•    Manage the procurement process (asset, components, licenses, contracts, services, etc.).
•    Manage warehouses, stock and stock levels
•    Ensure that consumables (as ink cartridges, toners, keyboards, etc.) are always available when needed, thanks to an automatic stock refurbishment when stock levels go under a defined threshold
•    Manage and track the costs associated with assets
•    Manage software licenses
•    Assign assets to users
•    Managing Data Center assets
•    Plan for technology renewal projects
•    Reduce costs by optimizing assets ability to satisfy demand, selecting suppliers by their performances, and negotiating advantageous contracts in order to better support Business Requirements
•    Reduce risks by enforcing policies, contractual agreements and law requirements
•    Reduce audit preparation effors and avoid costly fines thanks to an accurate monitoring of software licenses usage and availability
•    Represent a graphical model of services, including the constituent assets and their relationships
•    Provide information and data on asset configuration to Support Services


The solution is ITIL compliant and consists of the following main processes:
•    Asset Management
•    Procurement
•    Financial Management
•    Software License Management
•    Contract Management
•    CMDB
•    Configuration Management