Help Desk

The target Customer is a Company that needs to track and control the process of user support. It may be useful for managing technical tickets (Technical Support), managing Facility Management tickets (e.g. for the General Services), claims, post selling or any other type of support tickets that require specialist intervention for resolution.


Our platform allows you to:
•    Record and properly classify all support requests
•    Route incidents to the correct support groups for resolution
•    Improve and automate the communication with customers and business users
•    Give end users the ability to self-record their requests and monitor their status
•    Track all the activities carried out to solve an incident
•    Have a list of assets assigned to users and connect them to the incidents.
•    Evaluate the performance of support groups and the quality of service provided to the customers and business users
•    Identify the final resolution of recurring problems or through a process dedicated to the identification of the root causes (Problem Management)
•    Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction
•    Monitor the agreed service level agreements (SLAs)
•    Perform statistical analysis on all the carried out activities


The solution is ITIL compliant and consists of the following main processes:
•    Interaction Management
•    Incident Management
•    Problem Management
•    Service Level Management
•    Self Help Portal

Optionally Knowledge Management support can be enabled