Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

PPM Decision Making

Management of all aspects of projects, services, investment and resources to assure their alignment with your business needs.

For a comprehensive understanding of the big picture, our project consultancy covers both processes and implementation.

 Our approach takes an integrated view of your business objectives, in order to achieve them within the established timescale and on budget, while minimising risks and delivering the agreed level of quality.

 The process we propose is based on generally-accepted best practices (PMI, PRINCE2, ITIL, COBIT), considering the entire life cycle of the service and supporting the integration of all demand management, change management and project management activities.

 We use both traditional and more agile project management methodologies, depending on the context and your business needs.

 Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) is tackled from various standpoints:

  • That of the CEO, who wants a complete overview of all business initiatives, so as to approve investment that is consistent with corporate strategies, and information about the performance of current business initiatives, in order to determine if the costs incurred are producing the expected benefits or if the investment needs to be reconsidered
  • That of the CIO, who wants information about the performance of projects, programmes and portfolios, in order to optimise the use of available resources and support the strategic decision-making process
  • That of the Demand Manager, who needs to monitor demand and ensure its consistency with both the ability to deliver and the strategies of the business
  • That of the Resource Manager, who needs to optimise and govern the use of business resources
  • That of the Program Manager, who monitors and governs a series of projects
  • That of the Project Manager, who is responsible for delivering a specific project on time and on budget, while minimising risks and achieving the agreed level of quality


The following list presents just some of the solutions representative of our consolidated experience:

  • HP PPM
  • CA Clarity
  • Omnia BPM