Software Security

 Are you sure about your applications? Would you bet your business?

Access to software is much easier today. Even in-house applications can be found on the web, in the Cloud and on mobile devices. As such, given that they extend far beyond the traditional corporate sphere, it is important for this software to meet well-defined security criteria.

Your enterprise applications are potentially full of security flaws, and the “baddies” know how to take advantage of them: 50% of intrusions resulting in material loss are caused by flaws in the applications concerned.

SSA: a systematic approach to the elimination of software risks

Increasingly, leading organisations and businesses are using SSA (Software Security Assurance) as the most effective approach to eliminating the risk of software vulnerabilities.

The principle is simple: it is much more efficient and much cheaper to make applications secure at the development stage, than to take action later.

Consequently, SSA not only identifies and removes risks from existing applications, but also and above all promotes secure development practices throughout the entire life cycle of each application.

Our consultancy services and the tools recommended by us will help you to introduce the culture and techniques of secure development, and to automate every aspect of a successful SSA programme.

The solutions proposed by us will guide your applications security requirements, assisting you to:

  • Recognise immediately the security problems inherent in software already released
  • Reduce systematically the risks associated with software under development or being purchased from third-party vendors
  • Achieve your compliance objectives based on internal or external security criteria