Software Quality and Life Cycle

The development of process-support software is a fundamental part of building new services for clients.

In order to be effective and not have an adverse impact on the business, software development must take a qualitative approach so that the entire process and, subsequently, the operational life of the business applications concerned can be managed correctly.

Accordingly, an effective testing strategy must be designed and implemented to focus on the fundamental aspects of the software (functions, load, security), allowing for the automation of testing activities in order to maximise effectiveness and identify any regression bugs.

This process starts by gathering requirements and continues during the design stage and throughout the life of the application. It is essential for the delivery of a high quality application.

It is also important to define parameters for measuring the quality of the software and for identifying any corrective actions needed.

Our methodologies and implementation support can help you to:

  • Organise the development process in an efficient and effective manner
  • Apply traditional and more agile development methods
  • Define automated and manual testing strategies
  • Introduce a culture of quality into the development environment
  • Define QC parameters for the software
  • Select and introduce supporting tools for:
    • managing the development process
    • planning and performing tests
    • measuring the level of quality
    • analysing performance
    • checking on the level of defects

The solutions we offer integrate with the development tools already used in your business, enabling you use just one dashboard to organise and monitor the activities of your developers and testers.

While we offer supporting services, we can also implement customised, one-shot or periodic solutions for the control and measurement of software quality, testing on demand, and performance and security assessments.

The following list presents just some of the solutions representative of our consolidated experience:

  • HP Quality Center
  • HP ALM
  • HP Functional Test
  • HP Quick Test Professional
  • HP Service Test
  • HP LoadRunner