Program and Portfolio Management

This offer complements and extends the "Project Management" offer, in order to support a Company that wants to have a managerial point of view on all the initiatives in place.
The target Customer is a Company that wants to govern effectively all business initiatives, monitoring and controlling the performance of projects, programs and portfolios in order to optimize the resources involved and maximize the return on investment (ROI)
The offer allows you to group projects, programs or portfolios and manage them in an integrated way.
The management of demand allows evaluating, approving and planning initiatives to optimize the usage of resources.
Managers can have a global perspective on the development of business initiatives in order to understand whether the allocated resources are giving the right benefits, thus being able to recognize and evaluate when it is appropriate to divert investments to more profitable initiatives.


In addition to what has already been stated in the offer "Project Management", our platform allows you also to:
•    Have an integrated management of Services, Projects,  Human, Technical and Financial resources
•    Reduce Project Complexity and accelerate their execution enabling the governance of the entire portfolio of projects, services and opportunities
•    Record all project proposals
•    Manage the process of evaluation and approval of the proposals
•    Manage and plan demand
•    Group projects, programs and portfolios and manage them in an integrated way
•    Track all economic activities linked to the projects
•    Manage the procurement process
•    Manage the process of budget allocation
•    Perform trend analysis of investments and business initiatives
•    Manage contract orders
•    Manage the process of production, approval and publication of all project documentation
•    Have a complete and overall perspective in order to support a more effective, aware and reliable decision making


The solution is compliant with PMI and Prince2 Best Practices and consists of the following components:
•    Project Management
•    Resource Management
•    Time Management
•    Financial Management
•    Change Management
•    Demand Management
•    Program Management
•    Portfolio Management
•    Document Management
•    Procurement