Project & Portfolio Management

Solutions for complete management of projects, services, investments and resources to align with business needs

We can offer you advice on processes and implement solutions to enable you to have a comprehensive overview of all the projects.

Consulting Services on processes (for CIO, CEO, etc.)

Introducing a project management solution is not enough, you also have to organize the way you work in a different way to be sure that the solution works. For this reason, in case there is already a solution or if you want a new one, we can help you in the selection with our assessment and verification services.

Implementative and/or evolutive consulting services

By introducing a software solution for the management of projects we can automate the process and facilitate aware investment decisions, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your entire organization, and give you an increased flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions. The benefits that we can provide can be summarized as follows:

  • Portfolio Management: aligning strategic investments with business objectives
  • Project Management: Best Practices and comprehensive capabilities
  • Resource Management: management of the resource capacity and its balancing compared to the demand
  • Request Management: holistic view of all the requests for an increased equilibrium
  • Financial management of projects: acquisition costs, and monitoring of all transactions of projects
  • Reporting: collaboration and easy access to all project data
  • End-user training: a fast and flexible method for the development of competence and familiarity with the solutions and processes adopted.


Below a list of some of the solutions on which we have many years of experience:

  • HP PPM
  • CA Clarity
  • Omnia BPM