Asset Management

Our consultants have a long and considerable experience in management of IT Assets in very complex environments (experience in managing IT Assets life cycles and warehouses in medium and big enterprises in various sectors, as Telecommunications, Petroleum, Public, etc.).


Therefore they are able to support you along the entire life cycle of IT Assets (or any other key assets for the company), ensuring the following advantages:
•         Simplify the control of costs of IT assets with a single solution that tracks and manages thardware, software and all related data for the entire life cycle.
•         Optimize IT Assets usage and IT Service Levels.
•         Align IT and business requirements through the use of data and costs of IT assets.
•         Reduce IT expenses by redeploying underutilized assets and avoiding the purchase of unnecessary licenses.
•         Consistent and reliable data on licenses, contracts and leases will enable to reduce the cost of procurement and maintenance, simplifying the negotiation of contract renewals.
•         Accurate information on IT assets enables improving the quality of service and achieving a more effective resolution of problems.


Below a list of some of the solutions on which we have many years of experience:
•         HP Asset Manager
•         HP Service Manager
•         BMC Remedy
•         USU Valuemation
•         Omnia BPM